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Q.       What is the Marriage Celebration Club?
A.An annual membership club exclusively for married couples that provide events, entertainment, fun activities, products, and travel packages.  As a Marriage Celebration Club member you will have access to over 8,000 exciting marriage events in the USA.

Q.      We are engaged to be married, may we join?
A.Yes, you are eligible for our  "ENGAGED CLUB MEMBERSHIP" so that you and your Spouse-To-Be can utilize the shopping and traveling benefits before and during your wedding and honeymoon.  Don't forget to send this site to your married friends, family and coworkers so that they can have fun and improve their marriages.

Q.      What benefits do the "ENGAGED CLUB MEMBERSHIP" have?
A.      Same as the "USA Club Membership" but you will be automatically eligible for our "ENGAGED CLUB COUPLES" specials/events and once you and your spouse are married, you are entered in our annual "JUST MARRIED" sweepstakes. Keep in mind that this membership can only be renewed up to three (3) annual years.

Q.What is the Marriage TV Network?
A.A cable/satellite/internet TV channel created and designed for married couples and their families consisting of game shows, family shows, marriage talk shows, home-repair, family finance, career and intimacy topics.

Q.As a (5) Star VIP Club Member, what other benefits do we receive?
A.You will enjoy free access to all club events where as a Non-VIP Membership member may be subject to event fees.Your (5) Star VIP Club Membership gives you automatic entry into events and sweepstakes for a chance to win two(2) new "HIS" and "HERS"  "Special Edition Marriage Celebration Club Mercedes Benz" as first Prizes, 2nd Prize two(2) weeks paid vacation on a European Riviera or a USA Resort, 3rd Place a $10,000 shopping Spree in your choice of New York, Chicago, LA Rodeo Drive or a city in Europe just to name a few.  

Q. How is marriage defined by the Marriage Celebration Club?
A.Marriage is a divine institution created by God, where a  male and a 
female, agreed to enter into a covenant relationship with each other and made an unconditional, lifetime commitment to God to stay with an imperfect person, for better or worse, through sickness and good health, whether you are richer or poorer, through trials and tribulations (which are tests of your commitment to your marriage), until death do you apart.  Marriage is love, sharing, communication, sexual joy, spirituality and family. 

Q.Can I give the Marriage Celebration Club membership as a gift?
A.Sure! You can give the membership as an anniversary, wedding, birthday,Christmas and Valentine's Day gift or  for any special occasion.The recipients love it.  Remember the membership is for any married or engaged couple you know. 

Q.       Is there a photo of my spouse and I placed on the Membership Club Cards?
A.        Yes, but you and your spouse must come to a membership club event to have a live photo taken at the customer service booth for your replacement cards.

Q.       We do not have a PayPal account. Is there another form of payment?
A.        Sure, just pay by clicking on the "PAY USING YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD" link at the very bottom of the PayPal log-in page.

Q.       If we have any more questions, who do we contact?
A.       You can reach us at [email protected] and we will respond within the hour. If you are a existing club member using the email option to contact us, please leave your Marriage Celebration Club member number so that we can respond to you more expeditiously. 

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