Greetings Marriage Celebration Club Members & Guests:

Many people has asked me again and again where did I get the idea for the Marriage Celebration Club and my answer is always the same and that is, God gave it to me in a dream years ago. In my dream God said he was not happy with his married couples here on the earth and we will do something about it.  He said I was always asking in many of my prayers, what is my purpose here on the earth? He stated that saving marriages was what I am here to do and he would give me instructions and the means to accomplish his work along with this letter to all married couples.   Marriages were at about a 49% divorce rate at that time and I accepted this assignment with joy.  There were many nights that God would not let me sleep, as he gave me the different parts of my marriage assignment.  I also had to do my research to study marriage and learn every detail about it over many years.  After researching marriages by reading books, talking to marriage professionals including clergy of all religions, divorce lawyers, divorced couples, happily married couples, couples thinking about divorce and thousands of people on the dating websites, I found some basic reasons why couples divorce.  I found that sex, infidelity, and money are the main causes, but there is also another deep reason for divorce and that is the lack of fun, especially husband and wife private quality time with interesting romantic things to do in the marriage together. 

The Pain
Many divorced people interviewed felt that when they got married the fun in their lives stopped because of family responsibilities such as work hours, raising children, activities of the children such as sports, ballet, etc.  In other words, they tried to do too much in their weekly schedules and had no time for each other. They also had too many "I want this and I want that" purchases based on desires and it put a drain on the family budget that had very little savings in every instance. Next they looked at their single friends who told them about their travels to exotic places, fun nights out, freedom from a spouse and they sub-consciously began to wish that they were single.  Many then started using alcohol or drugs, started finding fault with their marriages and covertly worked towards divorce so that they could be free.  Some called it having one foot in and one foot out of their marriages.  Once that thought process started working it caused emotional pain, wandering eyes, complaining to friends about their marriages, hate, anger, physical and emotional abusiveness, lying, infidelity, hidden diseases, broken families and finally divorce.  The Divorce courts said that 90% of the cases filed are from the wives who say they are not happy even though their husbands have been good to them.  Then these women start looking for men that are making a 6 figure income or is wealthy and they find out these high value men do not want them and most go the rest of their lives without a man and lonely.  These 1% of high value men want women that are childless, submissive, supportive and cooperative.  They are looking for a wife not a career woman or a family income competitor and your college degree level is not important to him. He does not want or trust a woman who left her husband because she decided she was not happy anymore with the marriage and left it without making it work like he did with his business or career. 

The Surprise
Well folks, you may be surprised to learn that many single people actually envy you and your family. They like the fact that you have someone special with whom to share your life with. Many divorced singles say their life makes them feel unsettled and that the constant dating is sometimes fun, but often stressful because they don’t know if they can trust that new date. They also felt that those pretty things they own, to include their home, furniture, clothes, money and cars, did not give them love in return.  Many said that when they traveled on cruises they saw beautiful romantic sunsets, but they had no one with whom to share that moment with. Going on trips and cruises with their friends and relatives soon gets old and sex without true love feels temporary, empty and sometimes used.

Make It Work
Many believed that after divorcing life was going to be so much better because they regained their freedom, however they missed sharing life’s joys, cuddling, making love on a regular basis, enjoying meals and conversation sharing with their spouse and were left feeling very lonely.  After years of separation and divorce from their spouse, most now take responsibility for their part in the break up of the marriage. They thought about how they could have made their marriage work if they had not been so selfish, insulting, demeaning, not talking calmly, too controlling, self centered, and fault-finding as a mate.  Many felt that if they had done more things together and more often, a third party would not have been able to attract themselves or their spouses away from their marriage. The competition is very stiff if you are a single or divorced woman looking for a man, because If every single man got married today in the USA there would still be 2.6 million women that are still single.  Listen to what one Youtube internet superstar sensation woman Trea Evans has to say to other women on this link on Youtube  Experts also suggested that spouses should dress up for your mate, even in casual clothes, lounging clothes and nightwear around the house so that you look attractive to each other and it will help keep your spouse's attention on you and not someone else.  Husbands everywhere said their number one complaint is that their wife looks good for people at work and drab around the house.  Wives it's time to go shopping on the club website's American Shopping and International Shopping pages for lingerie, pretty casual wear and get rid of the old bath robe, big T shirt and jeans with that baseball cap around the house.  Husbands and wives must exercise to get into shape to look good for each other, to live longer, for healthier sexier lovemaking, and to let the rest of your marriage be satisfying, happy and healthy.  Last but not least when the husband can't stay hard or seems to not want sex there is a medical reason and that is his body is low on testosterone and many wives get angry or start thinking about cheating or divorcing. Look at this short explanation:

The bottom line of what they are all saying is, enjoy your marriage and make it work.  If you have a problem with your spouse, get professional counseling; if there is a problem with sexual dysfunction see an Urologist for the man and a Gynecologist for the woman. For drug or Alcohol problem your city, state, and veterans administration has help available for the whole family.  Help him or her find employment or a better job if money is the problem.  Do not complain or be selfish just work together to solve your problems, then pray and worship together to honor and rely on God.  Finally make love more often and enjoy being creative and tender with your spouse so that there is no reason for infidelity.  Be patient with each other and listen to one another.  Next figure out ways to have romantic fun. The fun is what the Marriage Celebration Club will help you with, so that your marriage will be a happy one.  

Divorce is not an option for Club Members
Many of these couples after years of being alone said that their advice to you is learn to forgive after the hurt, next discuss calmly about why things went wrong and make the corrections together. Talk about how you yourself contributed to the problems that caused arguments, separation, and divorce without accusing the other, your spouse must do the same also. Listen to what Trea Evans advises you to do to have a successful relationship Stay away from outside family, friends and co-worker influences that want to tell you how to handle your marriage problems.  They are not professionally trained to help you, and might help you to make the wrong decisions.  After you two make the corrections, then it is time to have fun and fall in love again with each other. Many separated and divorced couples are still in love with each other, but fighting using lawyers to get money, child custody fighting and interference by other sex partners are in the way.  Our marriage club gives you the opportunity and reason to start again with each other on the right foot. You can renew your wedding vows in our club in the future, especially If both of you want to re-marry each other. Join the club to learn, love again and renew your marriage.  Next join your church, temple, mosque, synagogue or other religious institution because those that pray together stay together. Thank & compliment your spouse for loving you with all of your faults and weaknesses as both being to imperfect chidren of God. 

The Fun
We now welcome you both to the fun and happiness that you will experience from joining the Marriage Celebration Club.  You will be meeting other married couples like yourself who will want to be friends and have fun with you and your spouse.  Your marriage will not be boring ever again!  We want you to focus on each other with the plan of making each other happier.  Keep negatives out of your marriage, stay positive and don't try to impress others at your family's expense.  Your income, salary, and wealth that comes from the both of you or one of you belong to the family.  Always remember that you gave up being single when you promised your God to be married as one.  What is said in your house together should stay in your house and should not be shared with others.  Your marriage is your kingdom and you must decide together who is worthy for you to let into your world.  Sit down and talk things out, plan, pray & worship together and just have fun.   Don't be two of the 11 million divorced people on the Internet looking for a mate to love, when you already have one that is yours to keep.  Don't trade one marriage mate with hidden problems for another mate with hidden problems because you will also affect your children, grandchildren, and your complete family structure. Remember that single people are watching and envying you and they want the happiness that you have.  

Help us to keep marriages together by recommending our website to other married couples and by planning to attend the The Marriage Celebration Club Expo and Holiday every year starting 2022.  Coming soon are a team of marriage professionals who will be on standby for anyone married to call on for professional marriage advice and possibly set up an appointment for counseling or answer questions on marriage.   If you and your spouse are having financial issues Couples should handle financial matters this way. Mr. & Mrs. you were joined as one in a marriage ceremony before God. Any income coming into the house is for the benefit of the both of you, whom are one, no matter whose check is bigger. It is suggested that both paychecks should first go into a joint bank account to pay the bills. Next after the bills are paid, the money goes into a savings account for the family's future and emergencies. After the savings account is taken care of, then you as a couple will split what is left over and put the balance into both spouses separate bank or credit union accounts. These accounts are for each spouse to do whatever he or she desires to do with this money. No spouse can tell the other how to spend this remaining money. This will cause financial harmony in the household because you know where and how your marital money is spent. Any new household bills must be agreed upon together. This will be a test to see if one or both of your feet are in your marriage, the financial breakthrough, and the miracle prayed for in marriages.

You will see many events each month and travel destinations where our club members travel to, from our website to keep their marriages exciting and fun.  To prevent the perceived boredom of everyday marriage, we suggest using club discounts for weekend getaways, vacations, cruises and travel to fun resorts and hotels at the many exciting destinations worldwide.  I welcome you to the Marriage Celebration Club.  We also welcome Priceline aboard with its wonderful discounts on its list of 165,000 hotels, motels, resorts, cars, airfare, cruises and more around the world.  You must join to get these unbelievable discounts of up to 65%.  We also welcome Rakuten offering Cash Back, deals and shopping rewards on the world’s largest selection of products and services.  On behalf of my entire staff, club members and myself,  


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