The Marriage​ Celebration Club

The World's Most Exciting and Exclusive Marriage Club On The Planet
There are 63,320,000 Married Couples in the USA 
with an estimated 3.5 Billion Worldwide

Why Join The Marriage Celebration Club?
 Our Club is designed to enhance and step up the quality of marriages, stop separation or divorce, increase intimacy with a focus on love, fun, knowledge, and love making techniques. This is the world's most exclusive membership club for married, military and engaged couples featuring fun activities, vow renewals, travel and events. We are also a partner, resource, support and step-up feature for any and all new and old marriage clubs and marriage organizations globally for planned events, shopping and fun. This exciting marriage celebration club features three types of memberships. One membership covers USA only benefits and the VIP membership covers worldwide benefits plus we have an Engagement membership.  It's your year to have intimate loving adult fun & travel with you mate, while the kids visit relatives.

Membership Registration

 Initiation Fee $100

USA Membership $99 Per Year 
(USA Benefits Only)

VIP 5 Star Membership $599 Per Year
(Exclusive US and International Benefits)

Exciting Benefits Include:

Unlimited Fun Marriage Events
As a Marriage Celebration Club member you will have access to over 8,000 exciting affiliate marriage events in the USA plus over 3 million other types of events in 180 countries worldwide.

Broadcast or Record Your Wedding and Vow Renewal Ceremonies To Be Featured On The Upcoming Marriage TV Network

  • Marriage Rescue Counseling

  • The Marriage Celebration Club Magazine

  • 1,000 Marriage Date Night & Weekend Ideas
      and Events​

  •  Sports/Theater/Concerts Tickets Worldwide
      (Up To 40% Off)

  •  Spiritual related festivals, plays, shows, gospel concerts, and entertainment competition events worldwide 

  • Live Entertainment/Bands/Dancing Events

  • Enjoy Ultimate Romantic Love Resorts

  • Make Love On All New Inclusive Cruises

  • ​"The Marriage Celebration Expo 2022"

  • The World's Best Travel Deals and Destinations

  • VIP Members Will Have Access To Club Corporate Jets, Yacht's, Limousines, Exotic Vehicles, and Private Island Rentals

  • Win Cash Prizes, Free Vacations, Fabulous Jewelry, and more
Membership is a Great Holiday or
Anniversary Gift For Married Couples

Receive in 7 Days Unsecured Funding   For Married Couples With A 650+ Credit Score for suggested uses: 

  • Taking Dream Vacations and Exotic Travel

  • Educational and Re-training Expenses

  • Attractive New Investment Opportunities

  • Purchasing a New Dream Home

  • Estate Planning and Distributions

  • Starting a New Business Venture

  • Settling Legal Matters / Weddings

  • Financial Planning / Paying Off Debt

  • Paying Unforeseen Medical Expenses

  • Covering Expenses Due to Job Loss